Lawn Care

Achieving a beautiful and healthy
New England lawn requires more than
just cutting and watering.

With decades of experience in the lawn care industry, we have determined which combination of products and services produce the best results, and on what schedule. With our attentive service, your lawn will be lush, healthy, and ready for your family and pets to enjoy. Should you find it to be otherwise, we always guarantee our work.


A soil test is the only way to determine what exactly is going on in your soil at a molecular level. It gives us the right information to custom design your lawn program and make it ready for your family and pets. We pull several samples from all over your lawn and send them to a certified third-party laboratory to analyze your soil’s pH, macronutrient and micronutrient saturation, organic matter, and cation exchange capacity. We review the results with you and customize a program for your turf based on the data and your preferences. Take a look at an example soil test at


To maintain a green and healthy lawn and eliminate brown spots, fertilization should occur throughout the year. Our custom-formulated granular, slow-release treatments enrich the soil with the proper balance of macronutrients to support blade growth, root development, and cell structure of your grass. We also custom-blend Organic Bio-Boosters into our fertilizers to supercharge the bioactivity in your soil and promote healthy, hardy turf. Simply put, we give your lawn exactly what it needs to look and feel its best.


The best time to stop weeds is before they start. To accomplish this, we treat to prevent weeds before they have a chance to take hold in your lawn. Our free early-season pre-emergent treatments target both crabgrass as well as broadleaf weeds, to help keep common weeds at bay all season long. Specifically formulated for application in cooler temperatures, these treatments create barriers to hinder the germination and development of common early-season weeds, giving your lawn the time and breathing room needed to wake up from its winter dormancy and crowd weeds out naturally.


Our Grub & Insect Preventative service helps protect your lawn from reaching the stage where pests are actively feeding on and damaging your lawn. This service is applied in advance of the maturation of white grubs, which can include the larvae of insects like the Japanese Beetle, European Chafer, and Oriental Beetle. This service also protects against common Surface Feeding Insects like Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworms, and Billbugs.


Our fertilizers are custom-formulated to ensure a great balance of macronutrients to provide your turf with the key building blocks needed for a healthy and resilient lawn. Our Bio-Booster is an organic additive blended with the fertilizer to enhance nutrient uptake, unlock valuable micronutrients present in the soil, and stimulate bioactivity, all of which help promote better root development and turf hardiness.


We offer many additional options that help to enrich your soil and promote a lush and healthy lawn. Much of this is based on the results of the preliminary soil test we perform. This test allows us to see a snapshot of what your soil has too much or too little of, and then properly recommend any additional enhancements that your turf would benefit from to ensure it reaches its full potential.

No two lawns are the same, so if you have any questions on what additions might be best for your lawn, simply call, chat, or email us, to start a conversation about the specific needs of your lawn.

To see all of our options, please check out Lawn Services at a Glance at the top of this page or visit our Organic and Pesticide-Free Options page.

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