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Mainely Grass is a local New England lawn care company, dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We partner with you to help improve the health, appearance, and useability of your lawn, while improving the time you spend enjoying your favorite outdoor spaces, by keeping mosquitos and ticks at bay with our custom pest control solutions. Our technicians pride themselves on delivering professional and timely services and always guarantee our work.


Incorporated in 1999 in York, Maine, Mainely Grass quickly grew to be the #1 lawn-care provider in Southern Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast. Our reputation for superior service and care encouraged us to expand our services into New Hampshire’s Manchester market in 2008, Boston’s North Shore in 2015, and most recently into Cape Cod for Summer 2021.

At Mainely Grass, we are committed to using sustainable & environmentally friendly techniques and practices. We subscribe to Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), meaning that we apply products responsibly, targeting and treating weeds and pests only where they exist. As your lawn care partner, we assess and consider all options available to treat your property effectively and economically, and continually monitor to ensure a safe and beautiful outdoor experience year after year.

Our dedicated team appreciates the opportunity to care for your property as if it were our own.

If you want to learn more about our company, our team, or our approach, please start a conversation using the Chat function in the bottom right corner of the page, or fill out a contact us form.

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