Vegetation Control

Weeds can pop up in all kinds of places. Let us protect the beauty of your whole property with our Vegetation and Invasive Plant Control programs.


We offer both traditional and organic options, and no matter which option you choose, all of our products are free of Glyphosate – the active ingredient in Roundup®.


Our Vegetation Control program targets unwanted weeds growing in undesirable areas outside of your lawn like driveways, walkways, patios, and mulch or planting beds. To protect your plantings, we avoid treating within 8-12 inches of stems or trunks. The first application of the season also includes free pre-emergent weed barriers to help get an early jump on controlling weeds all season long.


A similar offering to our traditional Vegetation Control program but with 100% certified Organic product. Please note, this service does not include a pre-emergent additive, so this program starts later in the season once weeds have developed. We then treat with shorter intervals between visits to make sure we stay on top of weeds throughout the season.


This program is specifically designed to control invasive plants like Poison Ivy and Knotweed (bamboo) wherever they might be growing in and around your property. We start by meeting on-site to locate the plants and then recommend a program to eliminate them over time. These plants are especially hardy and will need multiple applications to control fully.

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