A beautiful lawn isn’t up to our standards unless homeowners, their families, and their pets can enjoy it without being irritated by pests or worried about disease. Our 7-Step Tick & Mosquito Program is a comprehensive plan to minimize the activity of these harmful insects.


Ticks represent one of the biggest summer concerns of New England residents. The tiny insects are difficult to spot and growing in numbers–and they can spread devastating medical conditions like Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and anaplasmosis. Our protective applications eliminate any active populations and create a barrier to prevent more infestation for up to 60 days. This treatment enables people and pets alike carefree enjoyment of their lawn.


Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but also a health risk, spreading illness such as West Nile Virus and EEE. We will inspect your property for breeding areas containing mosquito larvae, as well as communicate how to limit breeding activity in between visits. Take back your outdoor living space by minimizing overall mosquito activity.


In addition to our regular treatment programs, Mainely Grass offers one-time spraying in preparation for special events. We’ll spray your property 24-48 hours before the event, paying close attention to areas where mosquitoes rest and breed. The spray dries within an hour, leaving no odor behind. Please call the office to schedule this service.

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