Organic and Pesticide-Free Options

We offer an array of Organic and Pesticide-Free options

…many of which can be mixed and matched with each other and with our traditional programs. We will custom design your program by adding any of the following options to meet your needs and preferences. Any of our staff will be happy to explain these options and answer your questions.



Our Organic fertilizer introduces organic matter into the soil profile – something your soil craves. This granular, slow-release treatment enriches the soil with a balance of macronutrients and enhances bioactivity. It also supports blade growth, root development, and cell structure of your grass over time, allowing for a longer duration of feeding.


This product helps retain moisture in the root zone of your lawn, even in areas that get too much sun or too little water. It makes your lawn more resilient against common heat and drought-related issues during the summer months.


Your soil craves organic matter, and there is no better product to introduce to your soil profile than organic compost. This powerful soil restoration product is designed to mimic the biological processes of the forest floor. We use this supplement to add a rich amount of organic carbon, polysaccharides, humates, and other beneficial compounds to your soil. You’ll have a naturally healthy lawn, brimming with bioactivity.


We apply a concentrated amount of our Bio-Booster organic soil supplement to supercharge nutrient uptake, unlock valuable micronutrients present in the soil, and stimulate soil bioactivity. This in turn accelerates root development and enhances turf hardiness. It will put your lawn on a faster path to being lush, healthy, and hardy.


Our Natural Weed Control is a mineral-based product that we use to spot-treat broadleaf weeds within your lawn. Best results come from 2-3 sequential applications done roughly two weeks apart when the temperatures are not at their summer peak, so we only apply it in spring and fall.


This granular, slow-release treatment enriches the soil with a precise balance of macronutrients to support the blade growth, root development, and cell structure of your grass – without any added pesticides. Its extra-slow release allows for super long-duration feeding.


Lime counteracts the natural acidification of New England lawns. It is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure a healthy and hardy lawn when the pH in your soil has become out of balance. Ask about our Soil Test, which can determine your lawn’s current pH level and nutrient deficiencies, and can help you achieve the greenest, lushest lawn ever.


Potassium is an important macronutrient that strengthens the cell walls of your turf and makes your lawn more tolerant of stressors such as disease, extreme temperatures, and drought. We apply this treatment in advance of the winter stress period to promote turf hardiness and stress-resistance into the following spring.


Aeration is a key practice to sustain a healthy, hardy lawn. If ignored for too long, you may notice the effects of heavy thatch buildup–a layer of dead grass that hinders water and fertilizer from reaching the root system. Another common problem is soil compaction, where the particles of soil are pressed so tightly together that it’s not porous enough to hold water, oxygen, or other nutrients that the lawn needs to thrive. Soil compaction can cause your grass to become weak, often browning easily and thinning out.

Our core Aeration is a mechanical procedure that removes 2-5” plugs of soil from the lawn. This breaks up soil compaction and thatch and allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil and improve overall root development. We recommend this service in the Fall to ensure your lawn is ready for the following year’s growing season.


In conjunction with a cultivation practice like Aeration, Overseeding introduces a custom blend of desirable grass varieties that will help thicken up your lawn. Our seed varieties are hand-picked to provide an optimal level of sun/shade tolerance, disease and drought resistance, establishment time, and color. We also pre-treat our seed with a special blend of nutrients and biostimulants to give the seed the best chance at quick and complete germination. We recommend all seeding be done in the Fall to capitalize on the best establishment period in New England.


If you are looking to seed in the Spring, need to repair bare areas in your lawn, or want to kick start a brand new lawn, a Slice Seeding is your best bet. This is a mechanical procedure that slices into the soil about 1⁄4” deep and drops seed into these grooves. This method allows for better seed-soil contact which promotes better, more complete germination. As part of this service, we make sure to double pass the area in a criss-cross pattern to ensure your lawn gets twice the seed to help fill in those unsightly bare areas.


When it comes to seeding, we go the extra mile to ensure the best chance possible that your new grass germinates and establishes into a healthy and hardy turf. Our seed mix is a hand-picked blend of premium grass varieties to provide an optimal level of sun/shade tolerance, as well as disease and drought resistance, establishment time, and color. We also pre-treat our seed with a custom formulation of nutrients and biostimulants to give the seed the best chance possible at quick and complete germination


Our Organic Vegetation Control program targets unwanted weeds growing in undesirable areas outside of your lawn like driveways, walkways, patios, and mulch or planter beds. To protect your plantings, we avoid treating within 8-12 inches of stems or trunks.


We treat for Ticks and Mosquitos 15’ – 20’ high and 15’ – 20’ deep into the wood line, under decks and sheds, in shrubs and bushes around the property, and with a light dusting of the lawn and the mulch beds to ensure we are reaching these pests where they congregate and breed. The product is combined with a sticking agent to better adhere to target locations for better longevity and resistance to post-treatment rainfall.

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