Aeration and Seeding

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Aeration is a key practice to sustain a healthy, hardy lawn. If ignored for too long, you may notice the effects of heavy thatch buildup–a layer of dead grass that hinders water and fertilizer from reaching the root system. Another common problem is soil compaction, where the particles of soil are pressed so tightly together that it’s not porous enough to hold water, oxygen, or other nutrients that the lawn needs to thrive. Soil compaction can cause your grass to become weak, often browning easily and thinning out.

Our core Aeration is a mechanical procedure that removes 3-5” plugs of soil from the lawn. This breaks up soil compaction and thatch and allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil and improve overall root development. Then, overseeding introduces a custom blend of desirable grass varieties that will help thicken up the lawn. We recommended performing this service in the fall to prepare the lawn for the following spring.


A slice seeding is a mechanical procedure that slices into the soil about 1⁄4” deep and drops seed into these grooves. This allows for better seed-soil contact which promotes better, more complete germination. This service is effective when trying to repair damaged areas of the lawn, very bare spots, or to kick start new turf development.


As a best practice, anytime we perform a seeding service we follow it up with a Starter Fertilizer. This is a specially formulated fertilizer designed to kick start germination and assist new seed in establishing its root system faster.


If you are looking to do seeding in the spring, it is important to know that our normal pre-emergent weed barriers will hinder the new seed’s germination in the same way it impacts weed seeds. We do, however, offer a Seed-Safe Pre-Emergent that will preemptively control crabgrass while allowing desirable grass seeds to germinate. Please note, this treatment will blanch the lawn white for 10-14 days, but it will return to its original state.

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