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Achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn requires more than just cutting and watering. With decades of experience in the lawn care industry, the technicians at Mainely Grass have determined what combination of services produces the best results, and on what schedule. In fact, we guarantee our work.


For optimal lawn health and appearance, fertilization should occur throughout the year. Our fertilization consists of balanced nutrients to stimulate root growth, enhance color, and improve overall plant health.

Fertilization is included in:


Various weed control techniques are utilized throughout the season. In early spring, we use pre-emergent treatments to prevent crabgrass from sprouting in the first place. Our second application typically combats broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, hawkweed, and clover. After that, weed control is applied on an as-needed basis.

Weed control is included in:


Grub preventative helps keep the larvae of destructive pests such as the Japanese Beetle,  European Chafer, and other white grubs from feeding on the lawn’s root system. It is applied in the late spring or summer.


Application of lime keeps your soil’s acidity at an optimal level, which yields better growing conditions for desirable grass plants. Lime treatment occurs in the fall and spring.


Performed in the late summer or fall, aeration reduces soil compaction and thatch buildup, allowing water and oxygen to move freely through the lawn’s root system for improved root development. Aeration is an add-on service but is sometimes included in fall service bundles.


Overseeding contributes to a thicker and healthier lawn. We conduct overseeding in the late summer or fall to prepare your lawn for upcoming spring growth. The service needs to be ordered with aeration (it’s not a stand-alone treatment).

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