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Mythbusting: Forsythia and Crabgrass Pre-emergents

A very common misconception is that crabgrass pre-emergent barriers need to be in place by the time that forsythia blooms. The feeling is that forsythia bloom marks the beginning of spring and thus also indicates the start of crabgrass germination. Not so fast. It is true that forsythia is among the first plants to bloom […]

Voles vs. Moles: Spotting The Difference

A common misconception is confusing vole and mole damage on your lawn. This is because they both become most noticeable when snow cover melts in the spring and you get a good look at your lawn for the first time since fall. The most important thing to remember when dealing with mole or vole damage […]

Mowing: Getting It Right

Proper mowing is essential in the maintenance of quality turf and can radically impact the effectiveness of the fertility programs we provide.