Landscape Beneficial Services: With the six step program (currently the Shrub and trees)

Tick Control: 3 applications to control all ticks to help protect your family and pets from Lyme disease

Mosquito Control: 6 Sprays per season to help control mosquitoes all season long

Tree Injection: Root treatments for Hemlock Woolly Adelgia, and Birch Tree Bore

Fall Pruning: Natural contour pruning for your ornamental trees and shrubs in November and December

Deer Feeding Protection: Will help to prevent plant damage caused by deer feeding during winter

Grub Control: This treatment will control the grass root feeding larva of the Japanese beetle and other white grubs. We will be applying this at the same time as step two or three.

Lime: This service helps to keep the acidity level in the soil in check which makes for a better growing environment for desirable grass plants. This treatment will be applied in the fall.

Aeration and Over-seeding: Helps reduce soil compaction and thatch build-up while allowing for better root development. Over-seeding will build a thicker and healthier lawn.

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